How To Clear Search History on LG V20

For smartphone users, today we already know that the smartphone has many benefits that can further help us in the search for a variety of information we want to get. We can find a variety of information from all over the world only through a browser that is available on a variety of smartphones. Just by typing the information what we want to get in the browser, then all the information will immediately appear on the screen of our phone. If you have LG V20 and want to clear search history on LG V20, you are on the right place.

clear search history on lg v20

Once we find a variety of information in the browser, of course, it left various search history in your browser. Sometimes with the number of searches in the browser history, it makes way browsers work slowed. However, for your LG V20 users who want to clear the search history in the browser or on your smartphone, then it can try the following way.

Guide to Clear Search History on LG V20

Ways to delete search history Google Chrome LG V20

  1. Select the three dot menu button similar.
  2. Select “History” and then press on the “Clear Browsing Data” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the type of data and information that you want to remove from Google Chrome.

The only advantage of Chrome is that you can delete individual site visits and not all or nothing, so it does not appear that you hide your tracks.

Ways to delete search history in the LG V20

  1. Go to the Android browser. Then select the three-point or three-point symbol.
  2. Select symbol menu will appear, and you must select the “Settings” option.
  3. Tap the Privacy selection and select “Clear Private Data” which will display a list of the historical choice of web browsers. On this screen, you will have a variety of options, including to clear your browser history, cache, cookies and site data, and even your auto-fill and password information.

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