How to Connect LG V20 To Car Using Bluetooth

Currently, smartphones have significantly expanded fast. The more time passed, a lot of smartphones has many functions and benefits that can be felt by the user. With a variety of brands and products that are available today, every smartphone would provide the advantages of each. So is the LG V20, this mobile phone gives us the convenience to users, that you can connect LG V20 to car.

However, after many users are trying to connect it to the car, then there are also various problems that arise. Some of the issues that the phone connection to the car and other Bluetooth devices such as headphones Bluetooth partner is not working properly. Another problem experienced by users LG V20 is the Bluetooth unknown, and the launch of a hardware or software bug reports not yet so far. This problem is most often found when you connect your V20 with Bluetooth car device. However, you do not need to worry because in this article we will give you several different ways you can do to fix this problem LG V20 Bluetooth.

connect lg v20 to car

Clear data cache Bluetooth. Cache allows for temporary data that will be stored to help better when switching between applications. So whenever you face some kind of problem, it is advisable to remove the Bluetooth and data cache and try to reconnect. Here are a few other steps on how to fix the problem LG V20 Bluetooth.

Steps connect LG V20 to Car by Pairing Bluetooth

  1. Enter a Bluetooth connection standby state on the car screen (Head Unit) to connect via Bluetooth.
  2. Go to Settings > Network > Bluetooth > Search > Select a device (car name) to connect > Check whether encryption keys are identical. (Click OK on both the mobile phone and car.) > Pairing and connection.
  3. If an encryption key is not created automatically and you’re promoted to input the PIN code, input “0000” (default password) or the password printed on the Bluetooth user’s guide.
  4. When successfully connected, check whether the mobile phone device name appears on the car screen.

General matters to check, if connection fails.

  1. Power reset: Car Bluetooth setting, on/off of mobile phone Bluetooth setting
    • If connected to other mobile phones or used with other Bluetooth devices before, existing connection can be restored as soon as the Bluetooth device is turned on.
  2. Deleting all registered devices: Deleting all devices that were already registered (connected)
    • Connection can be unstable due to the environment by Bluetooth device and the number of Bluetooth devices that can register according to the condition of the car.
  3. Changing the sequence of power on/pairing/connection of the mobile phone and Bluetooth device
    • Generally, power is turned on in order of mobile phone Bluetooth power on > car Bluetooth setting on > Select and connect the mobile phone paired with the car.
    • Check by changing the sequence of Bluetooth device search in the mobile phone ↔ preparation for car Bluetooth pairing.
    • Check the sequence of pressing the OK or Finish button on the encryption key check window of the mobile phone and car.

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